Thanksgiving 2016

I decided to take the week of Thanksgiving off work with the goal of not doing anything productive –including cooking a turkey. (My sister-in-law cooks our Thanksgiving every year. I usually just do one for fun and turkey sandwiches). I had a change in heart when my wife found a 11.13 lb turkey for 16 bucks at our local grocery store. We decided to keep dinner very simple and go with the basics. »

Smoked Duck

Last year my wife and I finally made it to Cookhouse for a good New Orleans’ meal. (It’s amazing! If you haven’t been there stop reading this blog and head there right away!) To start my wife ordered a cup of duck gumbo. I was lucky enough to sneak a bite, and I have to say that duck gumbo is my favorite type of gumbo. So when the topic of Christmas Eve dinner rolled around my wife suggested we try to making it ourselves. »

Thanksgiving 2015

As time goes on, Thanksgiving is quickly becoming my favorite holiday. It just requires eating and relaxing! And if that wasn’t enough, now it affords an opportunity to use my green egg! My turkey last year was nothing short of phenomenal. This year I dusted off my old notes and set out to duplicate (and maybe even top it). Last year we picked up a Mary’s Free-Range Turkey Breast from Central Market and this year we decided to stick with the same brand. »

Tropical Island Chicken

Ingredients Directions Lately, I have fallen into a trap of reaching for the same cookbooks and making the same things over and over. So to break the mold, I decided pick a recipe out of something new, Taste of Home - The Ultimate Guide to Grilling I flipped through it a several times and always seemed to stop at tropical island chicken. »

Weber's Chicken Fajitas

Fajitas are one of my favorite things to grill. They are tasty, impressive, and easy! Fajitas usually requires a trip to Central Market to pick up some pre-marinated southwestern chicken breasts (or skirt steak), but lately my wife and I have been trying to skip the drive and season it ourselves. So naturally when I received a chicken fajitas recipe from Weber’s recipe of the week I was interested in giving it a shot. »