Growing up my dad would always talk about how he would have freshly caught trout when he went camping up in Colorado with his dad and brothers. He painted such a vivid picture that I knew I had to try it too. So when I saw Groomers had a sale on trout for 8 dollars a pound I jumped at the deal. I asked for two portions and they told me that would be two 8oz fillets. »

Grilled Swordfish with Garlic Caper Butter

Ingredients Directions Jen and I were in the mood for some fish, so I checked the latest weekly specials at Groomers and found a special on East Coast Swordfish. (If you like fish and live in San Antonio you have to go to Groomers!) I dug through all of my cookbooks and found a excellent recipe in Planet Barbecue for grilled swordfish with garlic caper butter. »

Surf & Turf

I wanted to do something really special for Valentine’s Day this year. My first thought was a nice prime steak which isn’t something we do every day (or month for that matter!) But that it wasn’t quite special enough. And then it came to me…surf and turf! And by the look of facebook the following day it seems like everybody had the same idea! After deciding what we wanted, my wife braved a Valentine’s Day trip to Central Market. »