Jalapeno Peppers a different way

I usually make grilled jalapenos along with brisket, so when I set out to do my latest brisket I went to reach for my favorite recipe. Sometime between that and buying a brisket, I discovered that the latest Weber blog post was for jalapeno poppers. It sounded good to me so I thought I would give it a shot. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly; I decided to skip the bacon and opted for a grill pan rather than a skewer. »

Warm Dates with Blue Cheese

Glaze Dates I would have never thought to pair dates with blue cheese, but my wife and I discovered these on a trip to the now defunct Bin 555. I had forgot about them until one day flipping through my copy of Weber’s Time to Grill, I rediscovered them. This is a simple (I say that, but my wife always prepares them), but impressive appetizer. »

Stuffed Jalapeños

To go along with my rub some butt ribs, I decided to do some stuffed jalapeños. I usually stuff them with a mix boursin and sharp cheddar cheese. I didn’t happen to have any boursin on hand so I thought I would give cream cheese a try. Most of stuffed jalapeños I have found cut the jalapeños in half. But, since I have a fancy Steven Raichlen jalapeño rack and corer, I usually opt to core them and stuff them whole. »

Cedar-Planked Brie

To accompany my Christmas Eve Brisket I wanted to do a special appetizer. I knew just the right one, Cedar-Planked Brie from Weber’s Smoke. It’s so simple and the results have always been excellent. All you have to do is soak a cedar plank in water for about an hour. You then place the plank on direct medium heat until the underside starts to smoke (about 5 - 10 minutes). You then flip the plank and place a brie wheel directly on top. »