Stuffed Jalapeños

To go along with my rub some butt ribs, I decided to do some stuffed jalapeños. I usually stuff them with a mix boursin and sharp cheddar cheese. I didn’t happen to have any boursin on hand so I thought I would give cream cheese a try.

Most of stuffed jalapeños I have found cut the jalapeños in half. But, since I have a fancy Steven Raichlen jalapeño rack and corer, I usually opt to core them and stuff them whole. (I also omit the bacon. One less thing.)

Here are what the jalapeños looked like after coring them:

And here is the cream cheese and sharp cheddar mixture.

I have found using a spoon along with a small butter knife help to poke the mixture down. I then topped them with a generous amount of Bad Byron’s Butt Rub to arrive here:

These went on along side my ribs. After about 25 minutes they had the right amount of give to them so I pulled them.

They were delicious, but the batch of jalapeños were a little too spicy for me.

Future Cook

In the future I would like to try wrapping a couple of them up with bacon. I would also like to try some alternative stuffing.