Thanksgiving 2019

My blog has more or less been on a permanent hiatus for the past couple years, but I still find myself consulting it everytime I do a major cook. I have gotten to the point where half my notes are on my blog and the other half in a moleskin notebook. After trying to reconstruct the perfect Thanksgiving turkey the past couple years, I figured it was finally time for a new post! »

Pulled Pork Feb 2017

I have always cooked all briskets and pulled pork using the Texas Crutch. The results have always been tender and juicy in a short amount of time. I have been told that this comes at the expense of the bark. So thought I would throw caution to the wind and see how the other half live! With that Jen went to Central Market and picked up a nice 6.69-pound butt. »

Pork Spiedies

I am a big fan of all of Weber cookbooks. Last year, they gave us New American Barbecue that visits a lot of different BBQ traditions across the USA. In flipping through this book, I found my favorite new thing – the Spiedie! These are sandwiches (hoagies) that come all the way from Binghamton, NY and can be found all over Central New York. They consist of cubes of chicken, pork, or beef that have been marinated and cooked quickly over a pit. »

Thanksgiving 2016

I decided to take the week of Thanksgiving off work with the goal of not doing anything productive –including cooking a turkey. (My sister-in-law cooks our Thanksgiving every year. I usually just do one for fun and turkey sandwiches). I had a change in heart when my wife found a 11.13 lb turkey for 16 bucks at our local grocery store. We decided to keep dinner very simple and go with the basics. »

Jalapeno Peppers a different way

I usually make grilled jalapenos along with brisket, so when I set out to do my latest brisket I went to reach for my favorite recipe. Sometime between that and buying a brisket, I discovered that the latest Weber blog post was for jalapeno poppers. It sounded good to me so I thought I would give it a shot. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly; I decided to skip the bacon and opted for a grill pan rather than a skewer. »