Molto Bene Sirloin Steak

Ingredients Directions When I started my blog at the beginning of the year my goal was to get out at least two posts a month. As it turns out my last post was from two months ago!! What can I say, September was a very busy month for me. We celebrated Jen’s birthday and helped my mother-in-law move down to SA. »

Dry Aged Ribeyes

For our fifth wedding anniversary, Jen and I headed to Seattle, WA. While walking around Pike’s Place market we bumped into local chef Tom Douglas’s Rub With Love Shack. I couldn’t leave without walking away with 3 of his rubs. I was most excited about the Exotic Mushroom Rub which contains actual porcini mushrooms. According to his website he uses it to finish off steaks at his restaurant. About a week after our trip Jen headed to the central market and came back with some very nice looking dry aged prime ribeyes weigh in at 1. »

NY Strips

I really love a good burger, so much so I usually prefer it to steak. (Odd, I know.) But every once in a while I get a huge craving for a steak. Thankfully my craving happened to coincide with a sale at HEB on Prime One NY Strip steaks. My goto rub for steaks has always been Weber’s Chicago Steak Seasoning, but I decided that I wanted to do a little something different so I dug through my spices and came up with HERBS de TEJAS. »

Huntsman Cheese Burgers

I was introduced to Pimento Cheese Burgers via Griffin’s Grub and for several months I couldn’t bring myself to make burgers any other way because they are just soooo damn tasty! Well I finally managed to force myself to branch out when I ran across the Huntsman cheese burger on Food Networks’s 50 Burger Recipes. This burger gets its namesake from the cheese that tops it. Huntman’s Cheese is made with four layers of the orange-hued Double Gloucester sandwiched by three layers of Blue Stilton. »

Surf & Turf

I wanted to do something really special for Valentine’s Day this year. My first thought was a nice prime steak which isn’t something we do every day (or month for that matter!) But that it wasn’t quite special enough. And then it came to me…surf and turf! And by the look of facebook the following day it seems like everybody had the same idea! After deciding what we wanted, my wife braved a Valentine’s Day trip to Central Market. »