Huntsman Cheese Burgers

I was introduced to Pimento Cheese Burgers via Griffin’s Grub and for several months I couldn’t bring myself to make burgers any other way because they are just soooo damn tasty! Well I finally managed to force myself to branch out when I ran across the Huntsman cheese burger on Food Networks’s 50 Burger Recipes. This burger gets its namesake from the cheese that tops it.

Huntman’s Cheese is made with four layers of the orange-hued Double Gloucester sandwiched by three layers of Blue Stilton. It’s an impressive looking cheese with the taste to boot. We would later find out that it isn’t the easiest thing to cut!


We started out by making our standard patty prep –ground sirlon with worcestershire sauce and Burger House Seasoning. (Burger House Seasoning is one of my go to rubs!)


I like to grill my burgers using’s Steakhouse Burgers technique. It’s a little more complex and requires a themometer, but I think the effort is worth it.

I started off by smoking my burgers indirect at 250°F using some oak chips. The two bigger burgers went on at 6:20. After about 5 minutes they reached 93°F and I put on my daughter’s baby burger.


At 6:35, one burger was at 109°F and the other was at 100°F. The baby hit 91°F. Around 6:53 every burger hit 135°F. I pulled them and tented them with aluminum foil until I could bring the egg up to searing temps.


I seared the baby for 1 minute a side and the larger ones for 2 minutes a side. I put the cheese on when I seared the final side.


Here are the resting burgers:


And finally here is the final product:


We ate these along with some new potatoes seasoned with Old Bay.


They were delicious, but I still have to say that the Pimento Cheese Burgers are the ones to beat!