Dry Aged Ribeyes

For our fifth wedding anniversary, Jen and I headed to Seattle, WA. While walking around Pike’s Place market we bumped into local chef Tom Douglas’s Rub With Love Shack. I couldn’t leave without walking away with 3 of his rubs.

I was most excited about the Exotic Mushroom Rub which contains actual porcini mushrooms. According to his website he uses it to finish off steaks at his restaurant.

About a week after our trip Jen headed to the central market and came back with some very nice looking dry aged prime ribeyes weigh in at 1.1 lb. I rubbed them down with a little olive oil and a healthy dose of rub.

I did my usual reverse sear on them and started them off on my egg @ 250°F with two fist fulls of oak chips.

Here is the timeline:

TimeSteak 1Steak 2Egg
5:54PM120°F Pulled105°F
5:59PM112°F Pulled

I then brought the egg up to searing temperatures and cooked these for 1 minute per side. We then topped these off with a pat of butter and a little more rub.

These were probably the BEST steaks I have ever had in my life. I think I am going to have to set my Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning aside and use the Exotic Mushroom Rub from now on!!