NY Strips

I really love a good burger, so much so I usually prefer it to steak. (Odd, I know.) But every once in a while I get a huge craving for a steak. Thankfully my craving happened to coincide with a sale at HEB on Prime One NY Strip steaks.

My goto rub for steaks has always been Weber’s Chicago Steak Seasoning, but I decided that I wanted to do a little something different so I dug through my spices and came up with HERBS de TEJAS. I rubbed it into the steaks along with a little salt and pepper.

I opted to use the reverse sear technique. The steaks went on indirect at 300°F along with a handful of oak chips. After 30 minutes they hit my target temperature of 115°F. I pulled and tented them until I could bring the egg up to searing temps.

I then seared them for 90 seconds a side to produce this fine result:

The great Steve Raichlen says that you need to finish off a good steak with a little bit of extra fat and who am I to disagree? The Italian’s use olive oil, in NOLA they use butter, and the French use cheese. I thought cheese sounded like a good idea to me so I topped these off with a nice blue cheese.

I loved the anise taste of the herbs de tejas. The cheese was amazing too, but it was almost too much. The beef was just so good by itself. We had these with some asparagus and some rosemary potatoes.