Wood Chip Storage

In the past I always stored my extra wood chips in my gas grill. It’s a very convenient location, but I have also ended up throwing away bags of rotten chips that have succumb to the elements. After searching off and on for a solution, I finally found a cheap one! Cereal containers from Costco. As an added bonus they are so much easier to find. »


Growing up my dad would always talk about how he would have freshly caught trout when he went camping up in Colorado with his dad and brothers. He painted such a vivid picture that I knew I had to try it too. So when I saw Groomers had a sale on trout for 8 dollars a pound I jumped at the deal. I asked for two portions and they told me that would be two 8oz fillets. »

Dry Aged Ribeyes

For our fifth wedding anniversary, Jen and I headed to Seattle, WA. While walking around Pike’s Place market we bumped into local chef Tom Douglas’s Rub With Love Shack. I couldn’t leave without walking away with 3 of his rubs. I was most excited about the Exotic Mushroom Rub which contains actual porcini mushrooms. According to his website he uses it to finish off steaks at his restaurant. About a week after our trip Jen headed to the central market and came back with some very nice looking dry aged prime ribeyes weigh in at 1. »

Pulled Pork

For my daughter’s second birthday we decided to do a barbeque at home. I was trying to decided what to cook and after some debate I opted for pulled pork because I hadn’t done it for a while. More specifically, I haven’t made it since my daughter’s first birthday. (I smell the start of a tradition!) Flash forward to Costco. I always like to pay their meat counter a visit ever time I stop in. »

Trader Joe’s BBQ Rub and Seasoning with Coffee and Garlic

My two year daughter’s favorite hobby is grocery shopping. After a trip to Trader Joe’s with her mother she came back with some BBQ Rub and Seasoning with Coffee and Garlic. How thoughtful! I thought the best way to try this out was with some pork chops, so I sent my daughter (and my wife) out to Central Market. They came back with some beautiful looking berkshire porterhouse pork chops. I had read the longer this rub was on the pork the better so I rubbed them down at lunch in anticipation of a tasty dinner. »